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Shortage Sourcing

Partsters delivers anytime and anywhere when your regular distribution sources can't due to long manufacturing lead times and shortages.

Global Flexibility

Critical component situations are often unavoidable when involving manufacturer lead times and global shortages. Luckily, the sourcing professionals at Partsters work around the clock in every global market to find available stock exactly when you need it. Our procurement team supports over 10 languages and works 24 hours per day in numerous shifts in every time zone.

The Partsters Pros

Our sourcing begins with the internal “sourcing” of supply chain professionals from various sourcing roles in the electronics manufacturing industry. The sourcing team at Partsters represents industry experience ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 100 companies. All Partsters employees train directly with the sourcing team and stay integrated through our CRM/MRP/ERP software technology for automated communication and full process traceability. Our strategy seeks and hires the best talent and provides the necessary tools to source all of your shortage requirements. So whether it’s an active, passive or electromechanical component, our collective experience knows where to locate your parts…FAST!

The Partsters Pipeline™

In addition to shortage sourcing, Partsters offers a free customized service tool for critical news and updates, The Partsters Pipeline™. Register your email address, then add/remove/ edit part numbers, manufacturer names and custom keywords of components in your current or future production to stay updated with critical web headlines that affect your bill of materials. The Partsters Pipeline™ keeps you and your supply chain informed of potential shortages to avoid production halts. It also can set automated inquiries that immediately populate in our sourcing queue with response times less than 1 hour!